End The Struggle & Dance With Life

Ladies, I’ve been where you are:

In 2005, my life was ruled by anxiety. I didn’t know what my purpose was, I didn’t know how to feel with the emotional pain that I was experiencing. I felt disempowered because I didn’t know that I could consciously create my life. I didn’t know that there was a Grand design and I could tap into the Universal energy, feel joy in shifting my energetic vibration and step into abundance.

Until, I read a life changing book by Susan Jeffers which gave me hope and changed the trajectory of my life. I realised that I could end the struggle and dance with life. When I started changing the way that I showed up daily and improved my habits, things improved exponentially. It is my purpose and passion to help you all attain a state of calm, to embrace your authentic empowerment and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Queens, I am delighted to announce my latest Group Coaching Programme which will take place weekly w/c 19th October.
END THE STRUGGLE & DANCE WITH LIFE is not a choregraphy class but a four week immersion in how to:

• Connect with your energy and emotions,
• Grow in awareness about the things that have been keeping you “stuck” in life,
• Create strategies that will help you to heal your emotional pain through awareness and aligned action
• Learn how to feel calmer, more in control and excited about life
We will cover much more. My intention as your Soul coach is to help you achieve clarity & confidence by ditching procrastination & embracing self-compassion as a tool for success. Life is for living and you are absolutely ready to step into the life of abundance that is meant for you.
There are only 10 spaces available for this exclusive group coaching programme, so act quickly if:

• You are tired with stuggling through life
• You are willing to do the work
• You are open to receiving abundance
• You are excited about collaborating with other Self-Compassionate Queens
Each group coaching session will take place on Zoom an dwill last 60 minutes. There will be assignments shared in advance of each session and we will review during the call. They will be confidential, safe spaces to share and grow.
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Do you have a growth mindset?

Growth is said to be the only evidence of life. With that in mind, do you feel as though you are living fully and growing in your mindset?  Do you see changes in your current reality which mean that you are being propelled towards the life that you crave and desire? The life of abundance, enrichment and happiness that is meant for you is on the other side of your mindset and on the other side of your fears and self-limiting beliefs. Cultivate an abundant mindset and take action that is in alignment with your core values and goals and success will undoubtedly be the by-product.

mindset defined

Are you ready to grow, to have a mindset that is so focused on achievement of success and happiness that nothing can thwart that desire? Are you a wildflower who grows no matter what and in spite of the external forces and influences?

Your mindset is determined by the stories that you tell yourself on a daily basis. So it is time to consider what stories you are telling yourself about your life and abilities.

Let’s examine in this article the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. When you take some time for introspection and once you have assimilated this information, you should be well on your way to having clarity about your current reality and understanding ways in which adjustments to your mindset may need to be undertaken.

What is a Growth mindset?

If you display the following characteristics and have the outlook outlined below, it is likely that you already display a growth mindset. Check in and see if any of this rings true for you.

  • You believe that you can achieve anything as long as you take the right action and have the right attitude towards learning and growth.
  • Obstacles act as lessons. When you miss the Target, you stop, take stock and learn from the experience. There is nothing better than dusting yourself off when adversity arises and affirming that you accept the experience as a valuable lesson and one from which you can grow as a person. Don’t forget, things happen for you and not to you. There is always a lesson and we do well to not lose the lesson.
  • You firmly believe that success is a beautiful mix of having a good attitude and taking massive action. Success and growth is a journey and not a destination. You fall in love with the process and divorce yourself from the outcome.
  • You learn from and push through mistakes. Your no matter what mindset sees you through the tough times.
  • You associate with people who elevate you intellectually and inspire you be better, dream bigger and to up-skill. You share in their growth and reflect their magnificence. There is no rivalry between you, instead a sense of wanting to see each other succeed and attain goals.
  • You welcome challenges and have the “what if I fly?” mentality.

You will fall, but you will get back up and fly..... that's how I made you both to be......:

  • You are prepared to step out of your comfort zone and make change happen despite the discomfort. Let’s face it change and growth is difficult at times. Robin Sharma’s quote is an apt reminder of the change process.


  • You state affirmations with conviction. Even though you do not see the evidence right here right now, you know that due to your consistent approach and activity that success is your birthright.
  • You have a leading role in the positive mind movie in your head and you achieve everything that you set your intention to achieve. You do not play the victim, instead you are the victor like the powerful protagonist of your own blockbuster.

Procrastination is the thief of time (and dreams)

Is there something that you are deeply passionate about? Do you have a goal or dream but you are too fearful to pursue it? Jump right on in. Don’t delay. Your soul is waiting for you to answer the call and to live purposefully. Take the leap and commit to taking baby steps every day. The multiple baby steps will have a huge compound effect and you will start to live the life of your dreams.

Let me put something to you. Ask yourself this: What would you do if you were not afraid? What’s the thing that sets your soul on fire? The thing that ignites a fire so brightly within you that you just cannot ignore? Are you growing your mindset daily and developing skills which are in alignment with your core values and that passion?


If you are already displaying the above characteristics, hooray. There are times however when old habits creep in or times when we revert to old or learned behaviors that reflect that we are fixed in our mindset. So, what characteristics and beliefs may you hold if you have a fixed mindset?

Fixed Mindset

  • Change does not sit comfortably with you. You are resistant to it and believe that you  are either good at something or not. This inhibits your ability or willingness to give something new a try. Nothing ventured nothing gained right?
  • A challenge is something to be feared. You limit yourself by giving into fears and by holding on firmly to limiting self-beliefs.
  • You believe that when you fail that you are a failure. You see failing at a task as a personal reflection of your character.
  • You believe that there is a ceiling to your capabilities and ultimately to the level of success in life that you have access to.
  • You believe that your talents and gifts are fixed and cannot be developed.
  • Your beliefs hold you back. You say things like “I’m not a morning person, I’m not good at public speaking, I’m not good at fitness” and so on.

Don’t forget, your mind is a powerful thing and what you achieve in life is closely linked to the attitude you display, your beliefs and your behaviors. Having a mindset that is permanently fixed can damage your health and sabotage your success and happiness.

What can you do to change a fixed mindset?

If you have been telling yourself stories that you cannot succeed and that you are a failure, it’s time to cancel the subscription and to embrace the fact that mindsets can be changed for the good. You absolutely can achieve the things that your heart desires. With the right coaching and implementation of good daily habits, the world really is your oyster and high levels of achievement are waiting for you.

Make a change to your daily habits, set manageable goals that lead to the achievement of huge goals over time. If you want to run 10k, start running every day. Tony Robbins, motivational speaker uses incantations – statements of encouragement. He repeats “Every day, in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger” As you engage in your chosen activity, create your own empowering incantation and tell yourself over and over again that you are making progress. You will be astounded with the results. Be your own cheerleader and do not seek validation from others.


Add the word “yet” to your sentences, rather than saying “I can’t do this or that, say I can’t do this or that YET. Believe that it is possible because it absolutely is.


Which one of these images resonates mostly with you? Do you see a mix of both at times? Which mindset would you prefer to have? Answer these questions without judgement and self-deprecation. Instead, set the positive intention that you want to change.


Call to action

If you would like to discuss more and understand how the implementation of clearly defined strategies would allow you to grow as a person and to demonstrate a growth mindset, get in touch with me to schedule an initial free 30 minute one to one conversation. I would be happy to talk with you.get-in-touch

Wishing you an abundant day.

Shazney x

Let’s talk about Accountability

It is February already. Can you believe how quickly the days and weeks pass by? It’s exciting and also a reminder that we need to be living purposefully and setting our intentions daily. If we don’t, another month will pass, a quarter and even a year with transience and without apology. We really need to get ourselves up to speed with where we want to be in life and get into action. The old adage is that time waits for no man and as I advance in years, I realize the pertinence of this statement as each day passes.


How are you spending your time?

With time seeming to go past at warp speed, it really does beg the question. How are you spending your time? Are you being resourceful or un-resourceful? Are the intentions and goals that you have set for the month or the year getting the focus and attention that they deserve? It’s all too easy to get caught up in trivia, to succumb to our own excuses at the expense of achieving our goals. If you were to analyse how much time you spend partaking in diversionary activities that yield no outcome, how many hours would it sum up to for the day or the week?

One of the great ways to hone in on your goals is to be clear about the intentions that you are setting daily. Each morning as you set the tone for the day with your intention, ask:

  • What qualities do I commit to displaying in my daily conduct and more importantly:
  • What actions do I commit to doing to help the achievement of those intentions?

First, get crystal clear about what it is that you want to achieve and then commit to doing it no matter what. Become accountable to yourself and tell others what you plan to achieve. Accountability means being willing to accept responsibility for your actions.


Steven Covey talks about how if we are accountable and share our goals with others, it will trigger a response, leading to us take action and achieve results. There is something special about having an accountability partner. Not only is it encouraging and mutually beneficial, it gives you the drive to achieve your goals as you don’t want to lose face and appear as though you have not attempted to attain success. There is positive psychology in employing this strategy.

Lisa Nichols in her book “Abundance Now” makes an incredibly powerful statement. She states “When you take a stand for someone and lovingly hold them accountable to the man or woman that they say they want to become, you are giving them the gift of possibility.” This shows the benefit of accountability. It is by no means an aggressive or demoralising process. When you share your goals, dreams and aspirations with a trusted friend or a business partner, you are committing to seeing them through to completion and reciprocating by offering support and encouragement to the other person in return.


So, what are those burning desires that you have in your head and your heart? What are you committed to achieving in the month of February or subsequent months of this year? Accountability has been referred to as the glue that binds commitment to results. Commit to massive aligned action, share your intention with your accountability partner and get to work with no excuses. Link arms with someone who is striving for success and enjoy the journey together. Whether it is a business goal or a fitness goal, you will reap the dividends of buddying up with someone who will be genuinely  interested in seeing you attain your goals and mission. Join a mastermind group, join an online community or connect with a trusted friend. Those who you buddy up with will offer constructive feedback ad give you a new perspective on things that may otherwise bamboozle you if you tackle them on your own.

Surround Yourself With People Who will Force You To BE Better!!:

If you want to have a conversation about your goals, get in touch for a free 30 minute conversation and I will be happy to talk strategies and options with you. Get in touch.

Shazney x

Are you playing small?

Happy Monday. I have a series of questions for you. These are questions that I started asking myself because I felt like something was missing in my life. Having spent most of my life coasting along, not living up to my full potential, I decided to bite the bullet. To be brave and get up close and personal with my reality. The results have been immense.

Marianne Williamson is a celebrated spiritual leader, author and lecturer and she states the following

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”

  • Do you consider yourself to be living to your full potential?
  • Do you dream big and visualize achieving massive things in your life?
  • Do you have dreams and goals that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end?


  • Are you selling yourself short because you don’t feel that you can make an impact?
  • Do you feel that you do not have a voice?
  • Are you struggling to identify your unique selling point?


What can you do to step up and start living bigger?

  • Show up fully in life, be unreservedly, authentically YOU. Realize that you absolutely have a talent or a message to share with the world. Identify what your burning desire is and shine your light on everyone who you meet. (This clearly takes self-belief and building up your confidence which will be explored in subsequent posts.)authentic
  • Don’t worry about what people think of you. The ego makes us question our worth and the impact that our presence has on others. Our higher, best version of  ourself recognizes that we add value to this world, have talents and power within us that will lead to greatness if only we take time to tap into it.


  • Surround yourself with successful people, people whose achievements make you want to emulate their success and grow as a person. You are the average of the five people who you associate with. Consider who those five people are in your life and how they influence your behaviour.


  • Be open to new possibilities. Having an open mind about new opportunities that come your way broadens your horizons. Instead of saying NO to something because you are afraid of how you will be perceived or allowing misconceptions to cloud your view, be at least open to a conversation so that you can make an informed decision.parachute
  • Use your imagination. When we grow up and leave childhood behind, we seem to lose our capacity to daydream. Daily visualization is just that, daydreaming. However as a conscious adult, you now have the opportunity to make those dreams a reality. Give yourself permission to let your imagination run wild.


  • Whatever you focus your attention on expands. Focus on the good stuff! Energy flows where attention goes.


  • Have a clear image of what your future best version of yourself looks like and bridge the gap between your current reality and that optimal version of yourself by investing in your development.
  • Listen to your self-talk. Use your language intentionally. Eliminate “I’ll try, it’s just me, I’m only” this or that.
  • Create a vision board filled with amazing images that excite you and make you a little bit nervous.
  • Have a clear WHY. What is your mission and why do you want to achieve it. Rather than focusing on the how, work out what drives you to achieve your goals.


  • As human beings, we are made up of many layers. Think Pies:





If we attend to each aspect of our beings, we will show up in life optimally and rather than being a shrinking violet, you will be best placed to make an impact and show up as a grounded, well-rounded individual. Of course development in each of these areas is not a static process, therefore regular daily attention to each is necessary in order to live an enriched life.

You can have, be and do whatever you wish to be if you develop the right mind-set, make the necessary investment in yourself and “feel the fear and do it anyway” as the late Susan Jeffers admonishes us.


Seek advice from those who are absolutely undeniably playing big and then give yourself permission to do the same. We compile so many false stories about or life and about our capabilities and this leads to blocks and us retreating inwardly and thus playing small. Write some goals (we all know that a goal that is not written down is merely a dream) and Plan, review and improve. If you do not know what you are focusing on, how can you ever expect to hit the target?


Get out of your own way. Banish the self-limiting beliefs. Get out of your head and connect with your heart. Believe that you can achieve your vision. Once you have a written set of goals, adopt a can do mind-set and consistently get to work on actions aligned with that plan, success will be the by-product.


Believe in yourself. Repeat after me “I am  significant”. “I am worthy” and “I am more than enough”.


Let go of fear and anything else that holds you back

John O’Leary – inspirational leader and author of the book “On Fire” explains:

“Instead of operating from a place of fear, driven by what I could get, I tried living from a place of love, seeking opportunities for what I could give. Letting go of the desire to not lose, you win, that in releasing the need to be wrong, you’re right”.

Call to Action: Now is the time to start. It is your time and it’s time to stop playing small and play big instead.It’s time to create the life that you deserve. Still don’t know how?

Contact Me: For a free 45 minute session to engage in a conversation to identify ways that you could dream bigger and as a result play bigger. We can identify ways in which you can start fulfilling your potential.

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Email: shazney@equanimity.org.uk

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Make a start on creating your vision and living the life of your dreams on your terms.

Are you ambitious?

Happy Monday. What are you looking forward to today? Do you see yourself as an ambitious person? What exactly does ambition mean to you? For most, it can mean that they want to get through the day without losing their cool with their colleagues, for others it will mean reaching a sales Target or then again it could mean reaching a self- imposed goal of being fitter or healthier than they were yesterday. Whatever the goal, the results can be quantified relatively and subjectively.

Ambition is defined as ” a strong desire to do or achieve something” or having “desire and determination to achieve success”.

This begs the question: “What is success, and what does it look like to you?” I’ve been reading much more than normal lately as my quest for knowledge seems insatiable. Of course I totally understand that knowledge alone is not enough and it needs to be translated into action in order to lead to success. I’d like to share some nuggets of wisdom that I have encountered lately. My hope is that they will resonate with you and propel you into action. In Jim Rohn’s book “The Power Of Ambition” he talks about the six steps towards ambition. They are as follows:

  • Positive self direction
  • Self reliance
  • Discipline
  • Self enterprise
  • Working with others
  • Self Appreciation

Let’s explore each of those steps briefly.

Positive self direction

This is a state of absolutely and categorically knowing who you are and where you want to go. It means having the confidence to assert what it is that you want to achieve out of life. As Henry David Thoreau eloquently framed it “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”



This is the art of taking responsibility for your own life, living in your own personal truth, relying on your own powers rather than on those of others. To be self-reliant requires investing heavily on your own personal growth and development and being accountable for your progress. It’s OK to ask for help from others. The point is that when you work on your own beliefs and value system, you build a foundation that underpins your ability to  succeed in life. When you have a strong conviction, crystal clear clarity as to where you want your life to go, your spirit and resolve becomes unbreakable. Be independent yet willing to collaborate with others. It’s all about balance.



When you are consistent in your efforts to succeed,  discipline is required. The result? A compound effect which is equal to massive success. The small consistent steps that you take each day will add up to something monumental if you just stick to the plan that you set for yourself. Don’t feel guilty if you fall off the wagon and have an off day. Guilt is a useless emotion. Instead, recognise the deviation and get straight back to work. It is better to live a life without regret. Jim Rohn states “ The pain of discipline weighs one ounce and the pain of regret weighs tonnes.” Just do it. Get into action with your plan.



This involves being aware of opportunities that exist around you Become excellent at networking, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that will lead to the achievement of your success.

Working with others

This encompasses being an effective communicator, a better networker and working with those who deserve your time rather than with those who simply need it.

Self appreciation

Celebrate your successes. Celebration comes in the form of acknowledgment. Even if you have made a small step towards success, acknowledge this and give it the air time it deserves. This creates energy to fuel our ambition.


So, what do you want to achieve from today, this week, this month etc? What is it that absolutely sets your soul on fire. The incredible John O’Leary  author of the best-selling book “On Fire” encourages us to write an “ignition statement”. This is the statement or theme to your life that gets you excited about achieving your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals. If you’d like to do more, achieve more I encourage you to read the books referenced here and feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss this subject further.

Dream big. Work in alignment with your values. Stay focused and be ambitious. You have the power within. Happy Monday. Have an enriched week and make it amazing.

Shazney x


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Hello and welcome. I’m  Shazney Spence and I’m a Lifestyle, mindset & success coach with a zest for life. I love to empower people and help them to live the life of their dreams. Positivity, belief and alignment are fundamental prerequisites to a successful life.

I’m a conscious creator and Law of attraction coach and therefore believe that thoughts become things and that you can create a life of abundance by being intentional in your thought process whilst taking aligned action. I’m passionate about making a difference to my life and the life of others, especially women. I personally develop and empower women to live their best lives.
I’m the founder of EQuanimity lifestyle and Success Coaching Ltd and the ehos of my commpany emcompasses gaining mental and emotional stability. I share my own strategies and a soul-coaching approach to help women stand in their personal truth and to share their gifts with this world.

Are you looking to be inspired and to live a life on your terms? If so, it’s time to create clarity and live an intentional, abundant life. Keep posted for updates on how you can grow and attain success through my hints, tips and blog posts. Thanks for stopping by.

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