“I attended the Business Brilliance Bootcamp that was hosted and facilitated by Shazney. From the outset she created a positive and encouraging safe environment. She struck a great balance between directed and self-learning and crucially via her expert guidance and support each attendee was empowered to lead topical discussions. She was responsive and addressed any queries quickly. Shazney is an excellent coach and leader and the Business Brilliance Bootcamp was an excellent investment of my time.” Monica

“Shazney has been my personal coach for over a year and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Incredibly perceptive and intuitive, she is a bright shining light of inspiration who helps me focus on my goals to manage my health, my wellbeing and my business. She is professional and trustworthy with a warm personality and can-do attitude. If you’re looking for someone to help you be the best version of you, look no further.” Elizabeth”

“My work with Shazney –  When I first met her, vulnerability was one of my struggles and here are I am after 5 months of working on it with no shame to show my truth. The result of this success has lead to opening up and showing my truth to myself, to the world. Cannot thank you enough Shazney” Zakia

“Words can’t always sum up an experience, but they can give you a sense of what it was like….so I choose the following to describe my coaching experience with Shazney…Lifted, heard, encouraged, supported, loved, open and honest.

Last summer (2019) I realised that I wanted to make changes and move towards a career that was a more true reflection of me and what I truly want to do; this led me to realise that in order to get things moving I needed a coach to support me through this transition. Shazney was recommended to me through a friend of a friend, who hadn’t worked with her directly but had heard such amazing things about their experience and how successful they’ve become. Immediately researched and got in touch, from our first 30 minute intro call a wonderful connection was made and continued thereafter during the 3 month programme I signed up to ‘Creating Clarity Gold’.

Our weekly calls, tasks set and tools shared have now been blended into my approach to work, home life and relationships….and I now focus even more on being mindful and kind to myself.

Meeting people like Shazney, is sometimes hard to find. As you can tell I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Shazney or taking advantage of the different services she can offer, as they will only enhance your life and support you on your journey to being more caring and supportive towards yourself, which will then help you move closer towards the dreams and ambitions you truly want to achieve.

In order to be compassionate, we need to be compassionate to ourselves first. Thank you Shazney.” Cerrie